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Roaming Paws Off Leash Dog Park Community Connection

  • 7/25/12 Last weekend,  I spent over 10 hours at the dog park and got feedback from several owners for repairs, upkeep and ideas.  I also started a Facebook page ( Lincoln Dog Park Grand Forks) and updated the RoamingPaws website.  I will be pasting my correspondence on these pages, but only conclusions from the Committee when mutually acceptable.


    1. The sinkholes- with recent rain, they are prominent again.  2 are just beyond the cement, and the larger one is about middle of the dog park.


    2.The maintenance access fence between the small dog area and larger dog park has a large gap vertically and also underneath.  Little dogs are coming over at free will. Can we put the same yellow barrier there like at the entrance gate of the small dog area?


    3. The northwest corner fence facing the street of the small dog area is escapable as well.


    4. With these hot days and high sun, a shelter or canopy in the small dog area should be a priority. Do we need to raise funds for that?


    5.  What do we need to do to move forward on lighting now that fall is soon ahead and the days are getting shorter?


    6.  Agility course / equipment was also suggested.


    7. A puppy pool  above ground or a dug in pool was suggested  several times again, but only if there was access to a hose outside the dog park(s) to rinse dogs off after their swim. 


    8. A hose would also be helpful for water for big dogs with the current fountain having little pressure.  Many dishes are left and filled throughout the day.


    There were was only one complaint about animal behavior which the individual did state it was the owner's responsibility, which we know.


    There was also one rumor that there was "talk" that the dog park was closing because of uncontrolled animal behavior.  Has that been discussed at the administrative level?



  • Dog Days of Summer - August 2008
  • Grand Opening - June 2008


Nancy Joyner, Acting Coordinator

RoamingPaws Off-Leash Dog Park Advocacy Group

Phone: 218-779-5037